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Drawing according to self-chosen rules, with a limited number of materials. Working according to strict rules gives room for the unexpected.

Series 2 (2022)
Snow drawings. Working with the characteristics of snow: it is soft, white, it reflects, it is ephemeral and changeable.
1. To create a contrast with the softness of snow I placed sugar lumps on the surface. They sunk into the snow, and while melting they created deep shafts.
2. Drawing on snow with black pigment. It snowed, and then it rained. The lines grew thicker, disappeared, and dissolved in the depth of the snow. The dug out drawing show how the pigment trickled down into the snow.
3. A small round mirror creates light and shadow.
4. Playing with scale. Ice sticks were placed at the end of a ridge to create a barrier. They disintegrated in the sun.
5. Creating a pattern by pushing a ball into the snow. Over a couple of days snowfall and sunny weather changed the hollow shapes
Series 1 (2017)
Drawing for hours with an 8B pencil