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Short term projects

Working with the same object for a few weeks.
Each day starting with a new matchbox. The same with a simple sheet of A4 paper. Experimenting while playing and searching for the essence of the object or material.

Matchbox (2021)
Undone, rotated, turned inside out, dipped, cut, dissected, used, arranged, paired, connected, chopped, submerged, burnt, exhibited, printed, shortened, lengthened, broken, repaired, marked, stuck, sanded, polished and set alight.
A4 (2021)
Dipped, folded, perforated, torn, covered, shredded, stapled, paperclipped, scribbled, paper maché-d, cut and folded, cut, built, posed, taken off, glued, reconnected, floated, burnt, woven, coloured, pinned and printed

One year projects

Visual correspondence with artist Cally Trench. Tineke and Cally met during their Fine Art education at Buckinghamshire University in England.

Circles (2019-2020)
The two artists emailed each other a photo every week from August 2019 to August 2020 according to a self-chosen theme.
Cally Trench photographed artists’ hands.
Tineke photographed circles, which were published in sets of four on social media and on Cally’s website. http://www.callytrench.co.uk/52-photographs-2.html
Circle (2018-2019)
A visual succession of 52 consecutive photographs.

From August 2018 to July 2019, Cally Trench and Tineke Bruijnzeels sent each other a photo every week according to a self-chosen theme. For Circle, Tineke took an element from her previous photograph and used that as a starting point for the next one. This element might be shape, subject, colour, composition, or anything else. The 52nd image created a link between the 51st and the first, so completing the circle.
Cally’s chosen subject was ‘Artists’ hands’. http://www.callytrench.co.uk/52-photographs.html
365 drawings (2013-2014)
Observational drawing on A6 paper for a year.
(Selected images: reflections on water, traces of road repairs, rapeseed fields, green fields, vines, hair, and hay bales).
The drawing project is repeated every ten years, culminating in an exhibition of all 730 drawings. For the first time in 2003-2004, then in 2013-2014, where both artists chose a weekly theme. In 2013, 52 guest artists were invited to ‘draw along’ for a week. http://www.365drawings365dessins.co.uk

The project will be continued in 2023-2024.